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Hello, All!

I'm so happy to announce a very special offering that begins this April, 2024. The Medicine Wheel was a part of my foundational shamanic practitioner training. And if you know me well you have heard me say that it was a total life-changer for me. It was/is critical for us to heal our own wounds before working well with others, and this is precisely the teachings that I'm excited to bring to all of you. It will shift everything.

The Medicine Wheel: Nature's Blueprint for Healing is comprised of four long weekends throughout the year (details are listed below). All four parts are required. You will delve deeply into ancient and modern teachings, experience sacred healing ceremonies, receive energetic rites to upgrade your energetic field, and find a new sense of community.

Julie Hannon and I will be teaching together. Julie, my teacher over several years at the Four Winds Society, is also my mentor and dear friend. Her knowledge is incredible.

April 18 - 21, 2024


Shed your Past, Claim your Power
South teaches the way of the healer, shedding the past with ease and grace as the Serpent sheds her skin
~ Embrace the path of the Beauty Way
~ Transform wounds into sources of power & compassion


The South Class Includes:

  • The Seer Rite (Kawak Rite), which allows us to perceive the invisible world. You can begin to perceive, follow, trust and effectively use your intuition as a valuable tool for navigating the world. 

  • The Harmony Rite (Ayni Karpay Rite), which transmits universal archetypal energy into your Luminous Energy Field to assist you in creating balance in all areas of your life. 

  • The Healer Rite (Hampe Mesa Rite), which connects you to a lineage of healer's altars through time to assist you in your personal healing.

  • Installation of Luminous Bands of Power woven in your energy field to allow you to be more present and available for life, instead of spending your energy in fear, doubt or worry.


June 6 - 9,  2024


Embrace Peace
West teaches us to move as the Jaguar, beyond fear to peace
~ Release our karmic influences
~ Learn to step beyond death
~ Sharpen skills to begin to see into the unknown


The West Class Includes:

  • The Daykeeper Rite (Pampamesayok Rite) which makes you a steward of the Earth, and the ebb and flow of the seasons, death and life. This rite allows you to step out of the story of your personal mother and into the collective mother who never leaves you. You become a steward of all life. 

  • The Rite of the Womb - This is from a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. This lineage of women wants us to remember that the womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life. 
    In this 13th rite of the Munay-Ki, men participate and receive the celebrations and blessings as well by holding strong protective space for the women.

September 12 - 15,  2024


Open to Possibility
North learns from the Hummingbird, looking beyond the probable to the possible
~ Learn the ways of the Wisdom Keepers, the ancient ones
~ Journey into the soul, to places of the possibilities
~ Practice stepping outside of time into infinity

The North Class Includes:

  • The Wisdomkeeper Rite (Altomesayok Rite). Lore says that the ancient wisdom resides in the high mountains. Learn to source directly from these mountains and become part of a lineage of wisdom keepers. This rite will help you to protect the wisdom you carry and to share it with others when appropriate. 

  • The Earthkeeper Rite (Mosok Rite) links you to the time to come and to who we are becoming, working in our field to heal and resolve any conflict that lives inside of each of us... then peace grows inside you, resetting your system to step into your luminosity.

November 7 - 10,  2024


Manifest your Vision
East teaches the visionary, soaring like Eagle with Spirit
~ Dream the world into being
~ Use intention to create reality
~ Manifest our visions for ourselves and the world

The East Class Includes:

  • The Starkeeper Rite (Kurak Akuyak Rite), according to Lore, upon receiving this rite your physical body will begin to evolve into homoluminous, the aging process slows and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to. You will acquire stewardship of the time to come and the future generations. 

  • The Creator Rite (Taitanchis Ranti Rite), awakening the God-light within and gives you stewardship for all creation, from the grains of the earth to the great galaxies. You will step into the place of the creator and envision the world into being.

South  April 18 - 21, 2024
West  June 6 - 9, 2024
North  September 12 - 15, 2024
East  November 7 - 10, 2024

Thursday 3 - 7 pm
Friday  8:30 am - 6 pm
Saturday  8:30 am - 7 pm
Sunday  8:30 am - 1 pm

LOCATION  South Orange, NJ
Travel and accommodations are not included in your tuition.
Tuition INCLUDES a vegetarian lunch Friday and Saturday.

$3999 if paid in full by 2/14/24 -- we are grateful for your commitment to growth and to your YES!

(My personal favorite way to pay for purchases is thru PayPal Credit, which offers 6 months interest free payments)
Venmo @loridalvi
Check, cash
I can also send you an invoice to pay with a credit card

Seating is very limited.

If you feel called to experience a great transformation, please join us! And don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Much love,
Lori & Julie

Lori Dalvi
Julie Hannon

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