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Lori Dalvi combines several modalities to help people awaken their authentic selves. Lori has been initiated into the lineage of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru by the Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body School and continues with their advanced trainings. She also holds certifications in Spiritual Response Technique (SRT), Dying Consciously Teacher Training, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, MedicineWay crystal healing, and Atma Buti Himalayan singing bowl sound healing.


Her experiences and interests attract a range of intentions: helping people (adults and children) alleviate anxiety; working with people through major life transitions; energetic clearing for individuals, their homes and their businesses to meet their fullest potential; clearing patients in preparation for surgery and post-surgery recovery; supporting families and their children with medical issues and traumas; clearing blocks for artists to realize their higher purpose. Within group and community settings, Lori loves bringing people together for growth and healing through ceremony, ritual, and the power that is found in the simple act of gathering.


Lori is a mother, graduate of Parsons School of Design, optimist, dowser, believer and creator.

I can’t explain how Lori does it, all I know is that with each time I’ve had a healing session, something positive happens within me on a physical or emotional level. I feel lighter, the weight of the anxiety is gone, the pain in my is shoulder gone, what seemed stressful no longer bothers me. I feel happy even though my external circumstances remain the same. She helps me find peace within. ~Gina P.

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